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South Beach Diet Info

South Beach Diet Info
By David Millers

South Beach is a low-carb diet that consists of three phases of dieting. During the first phase you are not allowed to eat fruits, grains, starches, or alcohol for two weeks. During this first phase you must concentrate on eating certain meats and poultries such as chicken, turkey, fish, beef, and shellfish. You will have to eat lots vegetables, certain dairy products such as cheese, eggs, and cottage cheese. You will also eat nuts and seeds which are tasty when added into a salad. You will eat beans and legumes and you will also eat certain fats and oils, such as salad dressings.

During the first week of Phase 2 you will continue to eat the foods for Phase 1, but you add in one serving of a carbohydrate of either a fruit or a low glycemic starch into your menu. The idea is to pick a carbohydrate that will not produce cravings. During the second week of Phase 2, you add in a second serving of carbohydrate. Now you should be eating one serving of a starchy food high in fiber and a fruit. During week 3 of Phase 2, you add another serving of a carbohydrate into your diet, such as bread. If you start to gain weight or start having cravings, cut back on the carbohydrate or switch to a different carbohydrate. For weeks 4, 5, and 6 of Phase 2 you continue to add one additional serving of carbohydrates each week. If you don't think you can manage to eat that many carbs or if you begin to gain weight you can cut back on your carbohydrate intake and instead substitute non starchy vegetables into your diet.

Phase 3 of the South Beach Diet will begin when you have hit your goal weight. During Phase 3 you will continue to eat the same foods that you've been eating during Phases 1 and 2. You will continue to eat this way for the rest of your life. If you notice weight gain, cut back on your amount of carbohydrate intake a little and instead substitute in different vegetables or a less starchy carbohydrate such as brown rice.

Keep in mind that although South Beach is a diet, it doesn't have to feel like one. It is possible to take the allowed foods and turn them into delicious meals. There are resources for South Beach Diet recipes all over the internet as well as in books. It is also OK to snack between meals, so long as you stick to the allowed foods and don't overeat. There are so many different types of delicious recipes for South Beach Diet meals that you will never get tired of eating the same things over and over again. Not to mention how good this diet is for your overall health, not just your weight issue. The South Beach Diet will also improve your cardiovascular system, improving your chances to live a full, healthy life and ensuring your chances for heart disease, strokes, and heart attacks are much slimmer.

One of the best foods to include in the South Beach Diet is the Hoodia plant. Deep in the African desert the Hoodia plant grows wild and natives have enjoyed it for centuries. Hoodia is well known for its anti-oxidant properties and its ability to rapidly increase the metabolic rate and suppress the appetite suppressant. Even if you don't directly put Hoodia in your food you can take it in supplement form at Hoodia Diet plan. The supplements can directly help the body in meeting its dietary needs.

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