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Are Vegetarian Diets Better For Diabetics ?

Are Vegetarian Diets Better For Diabetics ?

There are several reasons why people choose vegetarian diets: an indisposition to eat meat, an aversion to killing animals, or a simple choice of a different lifestyle.

There are a number of dissimilar vegetarian diets. None of them need to be a really strict diet. The point here is the avoidance of all read meat (lamb, beef, pork, etc.)

The most common types of vegetarian diets allow vegetables and:

+ Vegan - Eats no food sourced from animals
+ Lacto-ovo - Same as the above but includes milk and eggs.
+ Lacto - Allows milk but will not eat eggs.
+ Ovo - Eats eggs only - but no other animal foods.
+ Pesco - Eats fish but no other animal foods (pescetarian)
+ Pollo - Allows chicken
+ Fruitarian (sub-set of vegan - includes only fruiting portion of plant).

These diets, being based on consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains, are high in fiber. Other advantages are that they are low in calories, refined sugars and saturated fat. With careful planning and the right knowledge, any type of the common vegetarian diets can provide adequate nutrition for the diabetic.
Remember that some nutrients must be emphasized: protein, calcium, zinc, iron, and the B complex vitamin.

+ Lacto/ovo diets provide protein by means of egg white and milk.
+ On the other hand, on a vegan diet protein needs are met by legumes (peas, nuts, beans, lentils, etc). By combining legumes with various dishes, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of protein can be attained.

To keep in mind: because of its high estrogen levels, a factor in the physical maturing process, soy milk could be undesirable for the vegan child, even though it is an excellent source of protein.

Could switching to a vegetarian diet cure diabetes?

Switching to a vegetarian diet will not probably cure your diabetes. But it will surely offer several benefits over a non-vegetarian diet. Among them: making your body more responsive to insulin (probably the most important advantage), reducing your risk of some diabetes-associated complications (quite important as well) and helping you better control your weight.

All this, of course, depends on the particular food choices you make when following the type of vegetarian diet you selected. There is not a unique vegetarian eating plan.

The vegan diet is the strictest of all vegetarian diets. Vegans eat neither animal meats nor foods that come from animals, such as eggs and dairy products. Other types of vegetarian diets may allow dairy products and eggs. A strict vegan diet is generally low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free.

Vegetarian diets that include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes in generous amounts are high in fiber and phytochemicals. Generally speaking, vegetarian diets are lower in calories than are non-vegetarian diets.

Bottom line: good vegetarian diets benefit people with diabetes.

Vegetarian diets generally lead to significant weight loss, which in turn can improve type 2 diabetes in people who are obese. This is true of similar weight loss from non-vegetarian diabetes diets as well.

A vegetarian diet makes your body more responsive to insulin, some studies say, and that is very important if you have diabetes. According to a 2006 study published in a scientific journal, 43 percent of people who ate a low-fat vegan diet reported a reduction on their need for diabetes medications.

The risk of diabetes-associated complications, such as kidney disease and cardiovascular disease, is also reduced with vegetarian diets. But again, all this depends on the specific kind of foods you choose.

Notwithstanding, before you switch to a vegetarian diet, it is always best to talk to a dietitian or doctor, if you have diabetes. They can help you create an eating plan that provides all the nutrients for your body and the right amount of calories to maintain the healthy weight.

By: Jose M. Talavera

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Low Fat Diets For Weight Loss

Low Fat Diets For Weight Loss

Whenever we want to lose weight we hear "you need to be on a low fat diet for weight loss." Although this may be true and will help you lose weight you need to be careful with your diet plan. This article will help educate you regarding healthy eating that will provide a lifetime of reducing your body fat and keeping you healthy.

If you've tried to lose weight before with a fad diet plan you've probably experienced weight loss, then weight gain, then loss, then gain again. Typically those fad diets that take you to one extreme or the other will not work in the long run, only in the short term. Diets of this nature can also put your health at risk simply by restricing certain nutrients from your daily routine.

There is nothing wrong with eating a low fat diet but you need to remember that we all need some fat in our diets. There are different kinds of fats that we consume and this is where many people become confused. Saturated fat is the bad fat. This is the stuff that leads to high cholesterol, heart disease, clogged arteries, heart attack and/or stroke.

This is the stuff that you want to stay away from or significantly limit from your diet. Mono and polyunsaturated fat is the good kind of fat. This is the type of fat that you want to consume in your diet when possible. So when you are eating a low fat diet it means reduce the amount of saturated fat that you eat.

Low fat diets for weight loss conflict with low carb diets. One of the main points of conflict is that low carb diets are higher in fat. The common belief is that a diet that is higher in fat will predispose you to heart disease. Research has shown that diets that support lower carbs and higher fat content did not significantly increase someones risk of developing heart disease compared to low fat diets.

The same research found that diets that were high in refined sugars and carbohydrates and lower in fiber did have a link to greater risk of heart disease. It further showed that to decrease the risk of heart disease a diet that derived fat and protein mostly from vegetables was the best choice.

A low fat diet for weight loss may be a common method for people to use to lose weight but it may not be the healthiest choice. You have many options to choose from when trying to drop some pounds. If you want to maximize your health at the same time a diet with increased vegetables may be of benefit.

By: Peter Harris

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Soup- Essential For Healthy Diet

Soup- Essential For Healthy Diet

Do you want a healthy diet for your family? Well,it is a common desire for all.A healthy diet consists of different food item.Soup is a must for a nutritious diet.Include soup in your regular diet chart.You can go for both veg soups like broccoli soup,mixed vegetable soup,sweet corn soup,sweet potato soup and so on.You can choose among cream chicken soup,spicy chicken soup,creamed corn and chicken soup in non-veg soups.

Tomato Soup Recipes

The ingredients that you need to prepare Cream Tomato Soup include:

Tomatoes - 1 Kg
Handful of Coriander leaves
Chopped ginger
Chopped garlic - 3 tea spoons
Chopped chili - 1/2
Butter - 1-1/2 tea spoon
Light cream - 1 table spoon

Preparing this soup is easy enough.First smash the tomatoes and keep them in a bowl.Now heat the vessel.The flame must be medium.Add butter first and then coriander leaves,chopped ginger,chopped garlic and chopped chili.Mix them until it emits a good aroma.

Now add the smashed tomatoes to it and bubble.You can also add some water if needed. The next things to add are basil and salt as per taste.As soon as it starts boiling remove the vessel from the gas.Now let the soup cool.Strain it when it cools down.Now keep the vessel on the gas again and add cream.Stir it a little and your tasty and healthy Cream Tomato Soup is ready.

Chicken Soup Recipes

Just like veg soup there are a number of non-veg soup recipes.One of the most popular recipes is Lemon Chicken Soup.The ingredients that are needed to prepare this soup include:

Chicken parts - 3 pound
Large ribs celery - 3
Large carrots - 4
Chopped onions - 3 & 1/2 cups
Chopped spinach (10-ounce packages frozen) - 1 & 1/2 pounds
Chicken broth - 4 cups
Oil or butter - 1 table spoon
Pearl barley - 1/2 cup
Bay leaves - 2
Dried thyme leaves - 1/4 tea spoon
Minced fresh dill - 1/4 cup
Lemon juice - 4 to 5 table spoon
Water - 4 cups

The method of preparing Lemon Chicken Soup is absolutely hassle free.First place the cooker on a stove over medium-high heat.Heat the butter until it melts.Now cook the onion for 10 minutes.Cover the cooker over low heat.Stir it from time to time.Pour some water.Now add chicken parts,bay leaves,thyme,barley,peeled carrots and celery (cut into 1 inch size).Now place the cooker over high heat.Also maintain high pressure and for that lower the heat after sometime.Now cook for 12 minutes.

The next thing to do is to quick-release the pressure.For that place the cooker under cold running water.Now unlock the lid so that the excess steam can escape.Now separate the chicken parts out of the cooker.Now taste the barley to see whether it has become chewy and tender.

Now remove any visible fat.Also remove the bay leaves.Now add chicken broth and salt.Now put some chopped spinach in it.Now boil until the spinach is tender.Now cool the soup.Remove the meat from the bone of the chicken.Chop it into pieces and return to the cooker.Turn of the stove when the chicken is hot.Now add dill and fresh lemon juice and keep stirring.Follow this chicken soup recipe.Your delicious lemon chicken soup is ready.

By: Emily S. Johnson
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What Comes With Free Diet Plans

What Comes With Free Diet Plans
by Low_Jeremy

Everybody loves everything that is for free. A few years ago, during the infancy of the Internet and the small inhabitance of the global village, fast foods and other express food houses have long conquered the palate of the working people.

Yuppies, executives and even the skilled workers have long valued time because as they say time is money and the more time they can do their job the more pay they could get. But with all the rush of the urban life and because of the distorted eating habits of the urban worker, a healthy diet was set aside for a healthy wallet and a wealthy lifestyle.

After a few years of customizing and upgrading, the need to do everything online has caught up with everyday living. From online pizza orders to online gaming, from online studying to free diet plans, people now do almost everything online because they can get so many pieces information for free. Because of so many years of fast food build up, a lot of free diet plans website have mushroomed overnight to remind people that there is a need for them to look at how and what they eat.

Recent surveys show the alarming rate of obesity in almost all parts of western world and some parts of the urban southeast. That level of alarm caused many non-profit organizations to give free online guidelines and diet plans for the people who have been so much on the go and not so much health conscious. The Internet has also become a haven of almost limitless free diet plans websites that offer free access to anything online about diets.

Today, there are a lot of websites that offer free diet plans that are easy to follow and are adapted to the lifestyle of people on the go. These free diet plans don’t only come with simple weight loss strategies but also come with diet recipes that are easy to make and are less time consuming in preparation. These websites that offer free diet plans are usually put up by gym trainors and dieticians who are more or less knowledgeable in giving out diet plans.

Experts suggest that when you are adapting a free diet plan, always ensure that you are about to consume a balanced and complete diet to be able to set your goals realistic and attainable. You can use these tips in double checking if the free diet plan you have chosen is good for your total well being.

1. Whatever the free diet plan says, make sure that you consume at least 6 small meals and snacks daily.

2. Plan your meal ahead. To be able to have a successful diet, make sure that you pack your foods—especially those recommended by the free diet—the night before so you’re sure that you have plenty of fresh and low-fat foods around you.

3. Choose a free diet plan that is simple. Since you got the diet plan for free, don’t get too caught up in the specifics so it wouldn’t be so frustrating when it fails.

4. Eat your foods slower and monitor your calorie-intake.

5. Choose healthy food selections such as fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, and the like.

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The Atkins Diet Weight Loss

The Atkins Diet Weight Loss

The Atkins diet is a modern weight loss phenomenon. Founded by Dr Robert Atkins, 1930-2003, it was first published as a diet book, “Dr Atkins Diet Revolution” in 1972. This was followed by a series of books on the subject. There were worries about the safety of the diet and although it dwindled in status, it became popular again in the 1990’s.

The popularity of Atkins as the ultimate fast weight loss system was helped by the rise of the celebrity fascination and the fact that many celebrities that had shown fast weight loss, attributed this to the Atkins diet. The diet became very popular, with some hotels and restaurants offering special menus for followers.

 The Atkins weight loss system is based on the diet being restricted in its intake of carbohydrates. These are largely replaced by allowing more fat and meat based products into the diet and this has been one of the main areas where the diet has been criticized as this can affect the balance of food groups that are eaten.

Many health experts contend that it is not good for the body to have a restricted level of carbohydrates in the diet and that this is
also not the best way to achieve weight loss. However those in favor of Atkins point to sudden and dramatic weight loss that, so long as you follow the principles, it is possible to maintain.

If you reduce your daily carbohydrates to less than 40 grams, (some Atkins texts suggest this should be no more than 20 grams), then you will be subject to a state known as ketosis. This means that instead of using sugar from carbohydrates as fuel, the body will instead to use fat.

Some dieticians believe that this is not a good way to diet and that some of the material that is used as energy, is normal tissue rather than fat. Some also think that at least part of the loss is water.

Although it has to be said that there are also health professionals that do not have a problem with the Atkins weight loss system.

Part of the problem that some people have with this, as good way to weight loss is that Atkins advises that when the desired results are achieved, then the participant should remain eating a low carbohydrate diet, or they will return to their former weight. Although a gradual increase in the carbohydrates is allowable, it is still low.

One of the main criticisms that is leveled at the Atkins weight loss plan is that it does not contain any carbohydrates and so is unhealthy. This is inaccurate, although the level is low and this is mainly what the diet is based on. Another problem is that, as some fresh vegetables and most fresh fruits contain sugar, that this can restrict your intake of these and so is bad for the general health of the dieter.

The Atkins weight loss system undoubtedly works if adhered top strictly, as the amount of carbohydrates that are taken from the diet lowers the amount of calories that are eaten and you lose weight. But there are many other effective diets that are based on restricting calories.

When starting any weight loss diet, especially one that is restricting certain food groups such as the Atkins, it is a good idea to see your doctor and get advice as to whether this is the right diet for you and whether it is the best alternative. There may be other weight loss systems that provide a better all round nutrition and yet still let you lose weight at a reasonable rate.

By: kenejoe
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why Diets Fail

Why Diets Fail

Oh those dreaded fad diets! Why in the world do we try them? We think that they will somehow magically work and that they are real and we spend thousands upon millions of dollars trying them out only to find they really do not work at all. Then we have that fear of failure not only because the fad diet didn’t work, but also because we just wasted money on something that didn’t work.

Millions of people just like you are thinking about dieting or are dieting right this minute. We are obsessed with dieting. Fad diets promise things like quick weight loss, overnight weight loss, promises on how a person will look, and they are usually very easy to incorporate into your daily life. Many diet programs only offer temporary weight loss, whereas experts think that traditional ways of dieting doesn’t work. Many types of fad diets restrict you to eating one type of food and they all promise amazing weight loss results almost overnight.

Fad diets are just that, a fad – something popular for a while but loses it’s popularity almost as fast as it promises results. The bad thing about fad diets is that they go against the grain of what good nutrition requires. Good nutrition requires eating a balanced diet that includes a variety of healthy foods. Fad diets concentrate on one type of food. These kinds of fad diets also make eating unenjoyable. Fad diets are so boring that there is no way a person can stay on them long-term. The only permanent way to lose your weight permanently is to eat less, exercise and eat healthy foods.

If you are on a fad diet right now, be aware that fad diets are very unhealthy to your body. They do not give your body the proper nutrients it needs every day to live and function properly. There is no way to stay on a fad diet for long-term weight loss success. Most definitely with a fad diet, any weight you do lose will creep back on once you are off the fad diet. Sometimes the weight you lost will be gained back plus some.

Some of the fad diets you’ve heard about have been around forever. They stay around because new generations start looking for something quick and therefore; the cycle of the fad diet starts over again. It’s just appeal to a new generation of overweight dieters. Not many people want to live on these fad diets forever, or eliminate carbohydrates forever, or even count calories for the rest of your life. That would be depressing in itself.

Some tips that can be used to recognize and avoid those fad diets are does the diet contain magic or miracle foods or secret ingredients? Does the fad diet promise rapid weight loss? Does the diet suggest exercise? You cannot have long-term weight loss success without exercise. If a diet promises these three things, it is a fad and you should avoid it because you will lose weight, but it’s only temporary.

Being well-informed on the types of diets out there will greatly help you in the long-run not only from a physical and emotional standpoint, but also a nutritional standpoint. These fad diets lack important things your body needs to be able to function. Fad diets will not help you with long-term weight loss and any weight loss that comes from a fad diet is usually fluid and not fat. To lose weight long-term, be informed and be prepared to include rigorous exercise as well as a diet change in your lifestyle.

By: Shahbaz Aslam

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South Beach Diet Recipes Helps You To Lose Weight Fast

South Beach Diet Recipes Helps You To Lose Weight Fast

Many people grumble a lot when they get on a diet program because they feel that they will have to miss out on their favorite foods. They tend to equate weight-loss-facilitating healthy and nutritious food with boring and insipid food. But this is anything but true with the South Beach Diet, which serves both taste and health on the same plate.

The South Beach Diet is wildly popular, and that is largely due to the wide variety of recipes that come with the South Beach Diet. Cooking your South Beach Diet recipes is almost as satisfying as eating them because your choices are nearly endless.

Following the South Beach Diet plan is not difficult too, because you are not asked to completely eliminate your favorite foods; rather you are encouraged to make healthy and nutrition-packed choices regarding food and make these foods tasty using different ingredients and cooking techniques.

Seafood is immensely healthy and is an important element used in South Beach Diet recipes. The South Beach Diet recipe for Gulf Shrimp combines shrimp with zucchini and sauts them together for a delicious main course. Another South Beach Diet recipe favorite is salmon grilled to perfection with rosemary to add a delightful flavor. Even if you have never had seafood before, you will delight in the seafood recipes found on the South Beach Diet.

While all of the South Beach Diet recipes are delicious, you do have to eliminate grain from your diet during the initial phase. While your body goes through the detoxification period during Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet, treat yourself to fresh salads, healthy roasted vegetables, and protein-packed eggs to keep your mind of any cravings you are working through.

Many South Beach Diet recipes use vegetables - both raw and cooked. Add flavor and nutrition to your veggie dishes by tossing them with some olive oil. By introducing olive oil to your traditional vegetable servings, you are improving your health while boosting the flavor of your foods.

When it comes to soup options available in the South Beach Diet, there are plenty to choose from. Here are some highly recommended soups: (I) egg drop soup (made using eggs or egg whites) and (ii) tomato bisque, a thick and filling soup that can even be substituted for a light lunch or works well as a side dish to a meaty menu!

The variety of recipes available in the South Beach Diet is huge and, unlike other diets, you won't ever run out of options. If you have decided to start on the diet, then first brainstorm over the food options available, choose what you like, and in no time you will find that there are scores of other recipes for you to relish!

By: $Mandeep Saini
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Review of the Grapefruit Diet

Review of the Grapefruit Diet
By William Messruther

The Grapefruit Diet has taken many different names and forms in the past such as The Hollywood Diets, The 48 Hours Hollywood Diet, The New Mayo Diet, the 10-day, 10-pounds off diet and Grapefruit Diet. It has been around since approximately 1930, although became really popular in the 1980's. Doctors and experts soon wrote this one off as another fad diet which was unhealthy and unsustainable.

There are many varieties of the diet but today it usually consists of eating half a grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice with every meal. It is said that grapefruits are somewhat of a super fruit which contain fat-burning enzymes, however there is no proof of this and experts are undecided.

A number of studies have taken place on this diet where participants lost around 3-4lbs over a 12 week period and many lost more than 10lbs, This study was accompanied by a healthy diet and regular exercise so in my opinion and many others, the grapefruit probably played no real part in the weight loss.

Typically the latest version of this diet means eating 800 calories per day or less, limiting fruit and veg while encouraging eating meat. You must drink 8 glasses of water per day and having lots of caffeine drinks like coffee with no milk or sugar is recommended. It is said that the high fat, high cholesterol foods combined with the grapefruit are supposed to work together to burn fat.

The number of days this diet is followed varies but is usually around 10-21 days, followed by 2 break days and repeated continually if you so wish. You must follow the rules of this diet exactly and not doing so will seriously affect the end result. You can eat as much as you want at meal time and you are encouraged to fill yourself up and you must eat the minimum amount of food at each meal while not eliminating any food from the diet.

You are not allowed to eat in between meals and eating desserts, bread, pasta, fruit, cereal, potatoes and some veg are strictly prohibited. The meat portions at each meal can be doubled or even tripled and apparently, the more you eat the more weight you will lose.

Grapefruits are not bad for you although too much of something generally is, however at least with this diet you are getting some of you're recommended 5-a-day! 800 calories per day is very low with vitamin, mineral, complex carbohydrates and protein deficiencies, all of which could result in you feeling tired and weak and symptoms may show in the form of constipation, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and problems with your immune and nervous system, bones and hair loss.

The diet gets very boring and monotonous due to the small selection of foods available and the weight loss will be mostly body fluids and water therefore you will probably gain the weight back upon resuming a normal diet. This diet is also not recommended if you are on certain medications such as antidepressants or have high blood pressure or high cholesterol as grapefruits can have a negative effect on your medication.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Origin Of The Grapefruit Diets

The Origin Of The Grapefruit Diets

The Grapefruit Dieted is a sharp and painless way to elude load, while increasing global wellbeing and wellness. Knowing in the 1930s as the Hollywood Diet, the Grapefruit Diet has been called a fad diet by many. However, an analyze in 2004 by Dr Ken Fuijioka and the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at Scripps Clinic found that there was a stout correlation between the consumption of grapefruit at every meal and heaviness harm. This has propelled the popularity of the Grapefruit Diet due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

The Grapefruit Dieted consists of consuming whichever half a grapefruit or a goblet of grapefruit juice before every meal. The good hearsay is the grapefruits are low in calories and sodium, and has been shown to diminish cholesterol levels and the attempt of developing diabetes.

The consumption of grapefruit reduces the even of insulin in the body, which in stop is crucial in the blood sweetie and fat metabolism regulation processes. This allows you to practice the energy from your consumption, and the naringin in grapefruits blocks the uptake of greasy acids, enhancing emphasis shortfall instead of fat storage. The key to remember in the Grapefruit Diet is to lessen consumption of insulin.

Lowest consumption of 8 program of water a day is wanted, and having a cup of russet is tolerable but not encouraged as it obstructs the load hammering manage. The grapefruit is crucial in the diet as it kick starts the fat burning process. Exercise is also not encouraged when you are on the diet as the low calorie intake does not give enough energy to crutch your activities.

A general Grapefruit Dieted heaviness death menu consists of bacon and eggs in the morning, and servings of meat and salads for dine and feast. It also includes a voluntary before bed snack, such as a schooner of milk or tomato juice. All these meals are preceded with whichever half a grapefruit, or an 8oz flute of unsweetened grapefruit juice. The best part of this diet is that there is no restriction on the magnitude of meat and salads you are consuming, so you don't have to disquiet about free hungry. The use of butter freely in preparation of food is also encouraged.

However helpful the Grapefruit Diet may be, it can only be followed on a 12 day rotation, with a 2 daybreak between before resuming the diet. It is a narrowly tiny word diet, and studies have shown that it is probable to squander up to ten pounds in two and the half months. The diet should not be considered for use longer than this time spot, as it lacks the basic food groups for a balanced diet and overall wellness, and has a maximum edge of 800 calories a day, which is insufficient for daily diet.

In a nutshell, the Grapefruit Diet has been proven to work, and is extremely effective. However, it is spicily recommended only as a small word point to stress deficit, and needs to be followed with an improved diet in the long label for sustained heaviness death.

By: Judy Sommer

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cookie Diet

Cookie Diet

One of the most ridiculous fad diets ever invented is the cookie diet. In essence this diet claims that amino acids baked into cookies can control hunger.

Fad diets are intended to help people lose a great deal of weight in a short period of time – they're popular because they appear to be miracles. Fad diets generally include some super food, like the cookie in the cookie diet, with miraculous weight loss properties. They are usually sold by a series of wild claims, much like the old pitch men pitched in the traveling medicine shows.

The cookie diet came about as the result of research into natural foods done for a book in 1975. The cookie diet consists of eating 6 cookies in place of breakfast and lunch, then consuming a normal dinner.

All told the daily caloric intake was about 800 calories. The cookie diet exploded to 24 clinics around the world. In the middle 1980s over 200 doctors were prescribing Dr. Siegel's cookie diet in their own practices. It was at this time that shakes and soups were added to the mix, these also containing the amino acids that control hunger.

Later Hollywood grabbed the cookie diet. The diet benefited from the media efforts of all the stars who tried it to lose weight.

This diet is similar to the original in that it consists of a cookie for breakfast, a cookie as a snack in the morning, a cookie for lunch, a cookie as a mid-afternoon snack, and then a reasonable dinner. The four cookies allowed on this diet consisted of a combined 600 calories and various vitamins.

Don't waste time with the cookie diet. If you want to lose weight, or maintain a healthy eating lifestyle, simply lower the amount of calories you eat from everyday foods and add some exercise.

In general this is a much healthier way to lose or maintain weight than relying on some fly by night miracle food, even if it is endorsed by someone you recognize from a movie.

By: AnuRadha

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Acai Berry Diet Reviews

Acai Berry Diet Reviews

There are very few foods in the world that can claim to be superfoods. Superfoods must have many more benefits besides just providing enough calories and some nutrition. However, there are some foods that are able to be elevated to superfood status because of the incredible benefits they can deliver.

Acai berry is one of these foods. With its ability to do everything from increase weight loss to fighting off disease, acai berry can provide you with better health without any effort.

What makes Pure Acai Berry such an incredible food is the fact that its nutritional content is as close to perfect as possible. First of all, it is absolutely filled with antioxidants. Click here to find more information about Acai Berry Diet Reviews.
As you probably know, antioxidants are necessary for slowing down the effects of aging and for fighting disease. The berry also has monounsaturated fats, which are the healthy type also found in olive oil.

Fiber and phytosterols are also part of the package, as is a well balanced amino acid complex. In all, this food is a very complete way of getting energy, nutrition, and antioxidants all in one package.

Because of its extremely complete nutritional content, the acai berry has the potential to provide tons of benefits for your body. Among the most popular reasons for people to use the product are to increase energy, maintain better health, and to lose weight.

You can expect to have more energy when you use the acai berry because of its combination of carbohydrates and fats and its high concentration of antioxidants. All of these things combined make it a very good source of energy and a great way to increase your stamina during the day. Because you are likely to feel and be healthier while taking it, this will also increase your energy.

The antioxidant levels of this berry are more than five times as high as in blueberries and other such foods. This makes them very powerful in terms of fighting aging and bodily damage. Many people rely on this berry to fight off the free radicals that can be implicated in everything from cancer to wrinkles.

Antioxidants have the amazing power to neutralize free radicals, which can help you feel younger and healthier than ever before. By using foods with high levels of antioxidants, you can experience great health and fend off the damaging effects of pollution, UV light, aging and more.

Pure Acai Berry can also help you with your weight loss goals as it has the ability to help your body burn fat more efficiently and to increase your metabolism. In addition, because it can help your body work more efficiently in general, you can expect losing weight to be easier.

For instance, the ability of the berry to increase your stamina will make it easier for you to exercise, and the berries perfect amino acid complex will allow your muscles to function properly during exercise. The berry even provides digestive support so that you can use your food more efficiently.
The benefits of the acai berry are hard to beat and it is a great addition to any diet. Since it is not a local crop, the best way to get the benefits of this berry is in the supplement form offered by Pure Acai Berry.

Since this is the most concentrated and purest way of getting the incredible benefits of this berry, you will be able to reap the benefits of this berry much sooner. Begin now and you can even get a Free Trial of Pure Acai Berry to see the benefits for yourself! Click on Acai Berry Diet Reviews to find out more.

By: Cindy Wilson

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ways To Lose Weight With The Cabbage Soup Diet

Ways To Lose Weight With The Cabbage Soup Diet

Losing weight can be a hard process; of course, most people are always looking for easy ways to lose weight. The Cabbage Soup weight loss trend is known to many dieters as a popular "fad diet" that offers a simple way to shed excess pounds, but does it actually work? The diet program is discussed here, along with the keys to taking weight off permanently.

The Cabbage Soup diet calls for, as the name implies, consuming cabbage soup for seven days. During this week, dieters only consume cabbage soup and a few other foods to lose weight. The diet is not a lifestyle changing plan like many other well-known diet programs, and requires no long-term lifestyle changes beyond the seven days of the diet plan.

There are many different versions of the cabbage soup recipe. Most contain seasonings, cabbage and other vegetables, such as bell peppers, mushrooms, celery, onions, and tomatoes. Some dieters like to add spices to liven up the soup. Other people monitoring their sodium intake want to use a reduced-sodium recipe. Many versions of the diet include healthy sources of protein to make the diet more balanced.

Besides the soup, there are highly specific guidelines for what other foods are allowed on each day. As a general guide, dieters eat cabbage soup every day, plus fruit on the first day, vegetables on day two, vegetables and fruit on the third day, bananas and skim milk on day four, beef and tomatoes on day five, vegetables and beef on day six, and brown rice, fruit juice, and vegetables on day seven. Dieters then resume normal eating habits, hopefully now a few pounds lighter.

Does the Cabbage Soup diet really offer a fast way to lose weight? Although no formal scientific research has examined the diet conclusively, those who have used the diet report varying results. For many people, the program resulted in weight loss (up to ten pounds, typically less), but only temporarily, as the pounds gradually came back as the person returned to their normal meal plans. Some people claimed to experience light-headedness, lack of focus, and fatigue while following the diet. Other people did not feel any effects at all, seeing no weight loss, but no illness either.

The Cabbage Soup diet program is among countless "fad diets" that people can use. Unfortunately, because this diet may not produce results, for many overweight people it just adds to the frustration of not being able to lose weight. A better method of losing weight does not rely on gimmicks or temporary diet programs. It takes dedication and lifestyle changes to maintain healthy weight loss. This means eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise.

Unfortunately, many of us fight to maintain the habits needed to keep weight off. Many active dieters struggle to lose weight because of their intense food cravings, uncontrollable appetites or eating habits, or a simple lack of motivation. hypnosis therapy is perfect for overcoming these obstacles and supplying the motivation necessary for natural weight loss.

Among the many reasons hypnosis is perfect as a tool for weight loss is because hypnosis may be used for appetite regulation. A great number of people suffer from out-of-control appetites because they experience emotional eating which gives them an unconscious impulse to overeat even when they are not hungry. Hypnosis helps re-train the unconscious mind to extinguish the urge to eat too much, resulting in appetite control without drugs or pills.

Another way hypnotism works to help you take the weight off is by removing the anxious thoughts that make you want to overeat and destroy your motivation to exercise. When you start to have negative thoughts, hypnosis taps into your unconscious mind to automatically think positively instead, which reduces tension and stress.

Your motivation for exercise can be dramatically enhanced through hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). First, you identify what the most important aspects of your life are. Then you use techniques in NLP to lead you into feeling that the things that mean the most to you will become enhanced if you exercise, or placed in jeopardy if you don't. This way, it becomes very easy to stay motivated to exercise and stay physically fit.

Everyone has the ability to learn weight loss hypnosis and NLP techniques from an excellent quality weight loss hypnotherapy CD program. The techniques in weight loss hypnosis cds use the power of the unconscious mind to help dieters end their cravings. By ending urges and cravings, the appetite is reduced or eliminated entirely. Hypnosis also keep you strongly motivated to get physically fit.

By reprogramming your unconscious mind, hypnotic therapy makes losing weight a natural process. It is a great tool to keep you motivated and naturally geared towards healthy habits. So before embarking on another fad diet, consider a healthier approach to losing weight through physical activity, eating right, staying stress-free, and using self-taught hypnosis to reach your goals.

By: Alan B. Densky, CH
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Diet And Your Liver

Diet And Your Liver

The liver is a complex organ that works 24 hours a day and performs hundreds of specific functions in the body. More than 500 body functions have been identified with the liver, including system cleansing and detox, the breakdown and metabolism of dietary fat and sugars, production of certain plasma proteins and cholesterol, storage of iron, removal of poisons, drugs and bacteria from the blood, the regulation of blood clotting and the maintenance of a healthy immune system.


Because the liver is responsible for metabolizing nutrients, hormones and by-products, it’s exposed to everything we eat, drink and breathe. Liver health is essential for optimal enzyme production and youthful energy. Not checking your liver health regularly can lead to missing opportunities to consider treatment if your liver health is deteriorating.

Liver cancer is the sixth most diagnosed cancer in the world and is much more common in people who have chronic viral infections of the liver such as Hepatitis B or C. Millions of Americans have liver disease and don’t even know it. In fact, liver disease is one of the top ten causes of death in the United States, even though many forms of liver disease are preventable and many more, if detected early, can be treated effectively.

Healthy Liver

Protect and nourish your liver by eating a healthy diet, avoiding harmful chemicals, and giving it the best nutritional support possible. Learn about what your liver does for you as well as what you can do for your liver in the form of healthy eating, keeping fit, energy conservation as well as maintaining a positive attitude. However, a combination approach, that includes nutritional remedies with specific herbs, can contribute to the restoration of a healthy balance within the body.


The typical American diet does not provide the extraordinarily important B-Vitamins which are crucial to daily functioning. Health practitioners recommend a diet centered on whole foods, with fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains being emphasized. Maintain a healthy diet by cutting back on alcohol consumption, exercise regularly to maintain healthy weight, supplement your diets with herbs & vitamins for a comprehensive herbal liver detox. It is believed that diets containing 30-35% non-vegetable fats promote both liver and heart health.

The combined fibers of rice, alfalfa, barley and high pectin apple fiber combine to gently "sweep" the lining of the intestinal tract, helping to eliminate both dietary toxins and carcinogens. Although fats are a good energy source, they are difficult for the liver to process, and the total fat in your diet should be moderate.


Antioxidants not only help the liver carry out its cleansing processes, but they also serve to protect the liver from excessive free radical damage. Additionally, supplements recommended in the liver cleansing treatment, such as milk thistle can help to support your liver functions. Although carrots are not a green vegetable, vitamins and minerals found in carrots are a very important in the cleansing factor. You should also look into cleansing the colon, lungs, and cardiovascular system every so often to get a full body cleanse.


A healthy liver is very important to a person overall wellness and optimum health. Physical exercise and diaphragmatic deep breathing are critical to lymph cleansing and to healthy immune response. An unhealthy liver can lead to weight gain, fatigue, poor complexion, and can complicate other health concerns. In promoting liver care, a healthy, balanced diet is always first and foremost.

By: Paul Rodgers

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