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Ways To Lose Weight With The Cabbage Soup Diet

Ways To Lose Weight With The Cabbage Soup Diet

Losing weight can be a hard process; of course, most people are always looking for easy ways to lose weight. The Cabbage Soup weight loss trend is known to many dieters as a popular "fad diet" that offers a simple way to shed excess pounds, but does it actually work? The diet program is discussed here, along with the keys to taking weight off permanently.

The Cabbage Soup diet calls for, as the name implies, consuming cabbage soup for seven days. During this week, dieters only consume cabbage soup and a few other foods to lose weight. The diet is not a lifestyle changing plan like many other well-known diet programs, and requires no long-term lifestyle changes beyond the seven days of the diet plan.

There are many different versions of the cabbage soup recipe. Most contain seasonings, cabbage and other vegetables, such as bell peppers, mushrooms, celery, onions, and tomatoes. Some dieters like to add spices to liven up the soup. Other people monitoring their sodium intake want to use a reduced-sodium recipe. Many versions of the diet include healthy sources of protein to make the diet more balanced.

Besides the soup, there are highly specific guidelines for what other foods are allowed on each day. As a general guide, dieters eat cabbage soup every day, plus fruit on the first day, vegetables on day two, vegetables and fruit on the third day, bananas and skim milk on day four, beef and tomatoes on day five, vegetables and beef on day six, and brown rice, fruit juice, and vegetables on day seven. Dieters then resume normal eating habits, hopefully now a few pounds lighter.

Does the Cabbage Soup diet really offer a fast way to lose weight? Although no formal scientific research has examined the diet conclusively, those who have used the diet report varying results. For many people, the program resulted in weight loss (up to ten pounds, typically less), but only temporarily, as the pounds gradually came back as the person returned to their normal meal plans. Some people claimed to experience light-headedness, lack of focus, and fatigue while following the diet. Other people did not feel any effects at all, seeing no weight loss, but no illness either.

The Cabbage Soup diet program is among countless "fad diets" that people can use. Unfortunately, because this diet may not produce results, for many overweight people it just adds to the frustration of not being able to lose weight. A better method of losing weight does not rely on gimmicks or temporary diet programs. It takes dedication and lifestyle changes to maintain healthy weight loss. This means eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise.

Unfortunately, many of us fight to maintain the habits needed to keep weight off. Many active dieters struggle to lose weight because of their intense food cravings, uncontrollable appetites or eating habits, or a simple lack of motivation. hypnosis therapy is perfect for overcoming these obstacles and supplying the motivation necessary for natural weight loss.

Among the many reasons hypnosis is perfect as a tool for weight loss is because hypnosis may be used for appetite regulation. A great number of people suffer from out-of-control appetites because they experience emotional eating which gives them an unconscious impulse to overeat even when they are not hungry. Hypnosis helps re-train the unconscious mind to extinguish the urge to eat too much, resulting in appetite control without drugs or pills.

Another way hypnotism works to help you take the weight off is by removing the anxious thoughts that make you want to overeat and destroy your motivation to exercise. When you start to have negative thoughts, hypnosis taps into your unconscious mind to automatically think positively instead, which reduces tension and stress.

Your motivation for exercise can be dramatically enhanced through hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). First, you identify what the most important aspects of your life are. Then you use techniques in NLP to lead you into feeling that the things that mean the most to you will become enhanced if you exercise, or placed in jeopardy if you don't. This way, it becomes very easy to stay motivated to exercise and stay physically fit.

Everyone has the ability to learn weight loss hypnosis and NLP techniques from an excellent quality weight loss hypnotherapy CD program. The techniques in weight loss hypnosis cds use the power of the unconscious mind to help dieters end their cravings. By ending urges and cravings, the appetite is reduced or eliminated entirely. Hypnosis also keep you strongly motivated to get physically fit.

By reprogramming your unconscious mind, hypnotic therapy makes losing weight a natural process. It is a great tool to keep you motivated and naturally geared towards healthy habits. So before embarking on another fad diet, consider a healthier approach to losing weight through physical activity, eating right, staying stress-free, and using self-taught hypnosis to reach your goals.

By: Alan B. Densky, CH
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