Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why Diets Fail

Why Diets Fail

Oh those dreaded fad diets! Why in the world do we try them? We think that they will somehow magically work and that they are real and we spend thousands upon millions of dollars trying them out only to find they really do not work at all. Then we have that fear of failure not only because the fad diet didn’t work, but also because we just wasted money on something that didn’t work.

Millions of people just like you are thinking about dieting or are dieting right this minute. We are obsessed with dieting. Fad diets promise things like quick weight loss, overnight weight loss, promises on how a person will look, and they are usually very easy to incorporate into your daily life. Many diet programs only offer temporary weight loss, whereas experts think that traditional ways of dieting doesn’t work. Many types of fad diets restrict you to eating one type of food and they all promise amazing weight loss results almost overnight.

Fad diets are just that, a fad – something popular for a while but loses it’s popularity almost as fast as it promises results. The bad thing about fad diets is that they go against the grain of what good nutrition requires. Good nutrition requires eating a balanced diet that includes a variety of healthy foods. Fad diets concentrate on one type of food. These kinds of fad diets also make eating unenjoyable. Fad diets are so boring that there is no way a person can stay on them long-term. The only permanent way to lose your weight permanently is to eat less, exercise and eat healthy foods.

If you are on a fad diet right now, be aware that fad diets are very unhealthy to your body. They do not give your body the proper nutrients it needs every day to live and function properly. There is no way to stay on a fad diet for long-term weight loss success. Most definitely with a fad diet, any weight you do lose will creep back on once you are off the fad diet. Sometimes the weight you lost will be gained back plus some.

Some of the fad diets you’ve heard about have been around forever. They stay around because new generations start looking for something quick and therefore; the cycle of the fad diet starts over again. It’s just appeal to a new generation of overweight dieters. Not many people want to live on these fad diets forever, or eliminate carbohydrates forever, or even count calories for the rest of your life. That would be depressing in itself.

Some tips that can be used to recognize and avoid those fad diets are does the diet contain magic or miracle foods or secret ingredients? Does the fad diet promise rapid weight loss? Does the diet suggest exercise? You cannot have long-term weight loss success without exercise. If a diet promises these three things, it is a fad and you should avoid it because you will lose weight, but it’s only temporary.

Being well-informed on the types of diets out there will greatly help you in the long-run not only from a physical and emotional standpoint, but also a nutritional standpoint. These fad diets lack important things your body needs to be able to function. Fad diets will not help you with long-term weight loss and any weight loss that comes from a fad diet is usually fluid and not fat. To lose weight long-term, be informed and be prepared to include rigorous exercise as well as a diet change in your lifestyle.

By: Shahbaz Aslam

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