Monday, December 15, 2008

Low Carb Diet Menu

Low Carb Diet Menu

There are some who go on a low carb diet in order to lose a few pounds. After they have done that, they generally go back to the way they ate before, and then don’t think about the diet much after that.

There are others however, how have medical issues like diabetes and insulin resistance who take on a low carb lifestyle for medical reasons, and also to lose weight. These are the folks that would benefit the most from a low carb diet menu in order to have enough variety to stick with the diet for the rest of their lives.

The problem many have on any diet is that they get bored with the food selections. Some stop doing Atkins early because they feel restricted, but they don’t realize that if they were to stick with it, they would be adding back most of the foods they love when the follow a low carb diet menu.

Though there are some foods that may never be eaten on such a plan, most find they are satisfied once they have gone through the weight loss portion of the program. They do this by knowing they will soon be adding more to their low carb diet menu, and they have patience with themselves and the plan.

Low carb does not have to be boring, but you do have to learn to love your vegetables, and you have to make them an important part of your low carb diet menu.

There are many great recipes out there, and they are rather easy to find. You can find a low carb diet cookbook that will give you more ideas than you know what to do with and you may never have time to try them all. There are many great ones out there, so you can get a few to keep you going.

Some may start out with a low carb diet menu that starts out with eggs, bacon, salads during the day, and broccoli and steaks for dinner. This is okay for the first part of the diet, but after a while more foods are added and people find this is a great relief.

No matter how much you love those things, you can’t live on those alone. The human taste buds demand variety, and the more variety you put into your low carb diet menu, the better success you are going to have in the long run.

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