Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why Don't Crash Diets Work?

Why Don't Crash Diets Work?

The attraction of a crash diet is normally because people know of somebody who has lost weight in this way before or there can be some new celebrity diet on the market that appears to work.

Why Don't Crash Diets Work?

The major problem with crash diets is that the weight loss is almost always short-term. If you suddenly switch to a limited diet, your body will respond by holding onto to less water. You will lose weight and be less bloated, or in other words thinner, but you won't really lose any fat. When you finish the diet, the weight will probably go straight back on.

Dependent on the type of diet and how long you keep going with it, you may lose some fat. Having said that, your body usually goes into a starvation mode during crash diets. Your body is under the impression that it will not be fed and it will lower your metabolism and hold onto as much fat as possible. Then, when you return to your normal your food intake, even if it is a healthy eating plan, your body can remain in the starvation mode and you'll start to put on some or all of the weight that you lost.

The Emotional Consequences

There is also the emotional consequences to think about when you break-off from what you think is the best diet that you've ever tried. Whether or not this happens when the diet finishes or in the middle of the diet because of frustration, there is a tendency to start overeating. So unfortunately, many people who try crash diets realize that a month or so later, they are actually more heavy than they were before the diet.

Also, there are actually some important health issues to consider. First, diets that concentrate on losing weight fast are normally very limited in the kinds of foods that you can eat. In some cases whole food groups will be removed from the diet. This is not something you could do in the long run without having problems with deficiencies. It's not good for the body in the short-term either.

A Temporary Solution

On many crash diets you will not be getting the nutrients that the body requires. Obviously you can take supplements, but many supplements depend on ingredients found in whole foods to make them work most successfully. Nutrient deficiencies cause cravings, making it harder to keep to the diet and more possible that you will give in to binge eating. Simultaneously, you may be getting too many nutrients than is healthy and balanced.

In summary, crash diets can only ever be a temporary solution. This could be for a scenario where you need to lose a little weight for a particular event, and you do not mind if you gain it back - and more - afterwards.

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