Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diet With the Seasons

Diet With the Seasons
By Denny Phillips

Now there is a crisp nip in the air and the leaves on the trees are beautiful with their changing colors. With autumn comes the time to settle back and snuggle up warm and cozy in your humble abode. And with autumn comes a different way to eat. Gone are the warm summer breezes and the lazy days where you can sit outside in the sun and enjoy the scrumptious backyard barbeques. Now is the time for the satisfying comfort foods to come out.

Each changing season offers new ideas for your diet menus and various fresh options for fruits and vegetables for you to choose from to help you lose weight. Each new season also offers you a different way to cook.

When you are on a diet, it is easy to become bored with eating the same foods over and over again. What you should do is to try take advantage of the benefits of the changing seasons.
When spring arrives, many new fresh vegetables and fruits become available. Your diet menus should change to reflect the natural goodness of this fresh produce.

You should include the newly growing plants that are available during that season. You should also take the opportunity to try new taste experiences that you may not have tried before.

For example, have you tried fiddleheads (which are available fresh only during the early spring)? Including a new produce like fiddleheads to your diet can increase your diet menu potential, helping you to lose weight and not become bored with eating the same foods time and again. It can give you new incentive to continue successfully on your diet path.

Of course, there are other options that you can add to your diet menus in spring, like asparagus (which is one of the first produce items that are freshly available), or strawberries (which are ripest and sweetest at this time of the year). You will not feel like you are dieting when you taste the goodness of these items at their freshest point. Also, including spring items in your diet plan can give you the option of picking your own produce, like scouring the countryside for wild asparagus, which can help you with your exercise program.

Summer always offers a multitude of fresh vegetables and fruits, and even helps you to change the way some of your traditional diet meals are cooked. Consider barbeque-ing your foods as a better fat reduced way of cooking your meats. You can grill the fresh available fruits and vegetables over a charcoal pit. Summer cooking offers a fun way to prepare low calorie diet meals.

Fall dieting meals can bring you back indoors to include warm, comfort foods in your diet meal plans. Here fresh pumpkins, squash, rutabagas, crisp apples and freshly available nuts can play a bigger part in your diet foods. Include hot soups (always a calorie reduced meal option) as a diet food that is filling and warmly satisfying. Make stews to include all the harvest vegetables, while your diet menus stay low calorie and hearty as the same time.

As the snow flies and winter sets in, again the warm aspect of cooking indoors is in play. Think of the foods of the season that you get to include in your diet menus. Turkey for Thanksgiving is a calorie-friendly meal option. Think of the canned vegetables you have stored in your fruit cellar to include in your diet meals. During the winter season your cooking habits can include roasting vegetables and stove-top cooking. You can also use your oven broiler or stove-top grill to add variety to your diet meals.

Changing your diet plans to suit the seasons is an option that can help you to avoid the trap of being bored with your diet menus. You can make the foods you are allowed to eat tasty and fun if you vary your cooking methods to suit the seasons as well. This can also aid you in helping you to stick to your diet to help you lose weight.

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