Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Low Fat Diet Can Lead To A Healthier Lifestyle

A Low Fat Diet Can Lead To A Healthier Lifestyle

There are many different kinds of diet but one of the most successful, effective and healthiest is a low fat diet. There are many advantages to a diet of this type besides helping you to lose weight. Those individuals who suffer from high cholesterol can benefit from eating a diet that is low in fat as can those who are considered to be obese

You do not have to change your diet very much other than be aware of the foods that you are eating. To do this all that you need to do is check the labels on the foods that you buy in the supermarket. You should also be wary of foods that proclaim to be very low in fat and are aimed specifically at dieters. Some foods often have contents which are much higher than normal brands. High fat content can also be hidden in some processed foods with cookies and crackers being the worst and also the oil used when cooking foods.

When it comes to cutting down on the amount of fat and eating a low fat diet then you should consider taking care when choosing food. If you do not want to give up meat then go for the leaner cuts of beef for example. Cutting the skin off chicken and grilling it is another excellent example on how you can cut down on the amount of fat in your diet. Also increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet with the recommended being 5 portions at least per day and increase the amount of fish. You should also aim to include plenty of whole grains, beans and lentils in your diet. Grains and beans are known to be rich in complex carbohydrates and should become the main meal with a small amount of red meat included.

There are many ways that you can move over to a low fat diet without leaving out all the foods you enjoy. For example if you enjoy ice-cream then choose a sorbet or sherbet. Baking, broiling or roasting lean red meat and draining off the juices will allow you to enjoy red meat without adding too much fat to your diet and for a touch of flavour add lemon juice

If you like milk on your cereal and in tea and coffee then switch to 1% milk and then drop down to skimmed milk. After a while you will not notice the difference especially when in a hot drink. When it comes to shopping read the labels in the products before buying, you should avoid foods which contain pal, palm kernel and coconut oils. Also avoid buying products with egg-yolk solids, whole-milk solids or unidentified shortening.

A low fat diet is one of the easiest types of diet to get accustomed to and the transition can be made very slowly. As with any type of diet it is imperative that you make changes slowly over a period of time to allow your body to get used to them and so not miss them.

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Anonymous said...

Wrong. Low fat diets are an idea based on a flawed idea from the 1950s, and supported by millions upon millions of dollars worth of advertising provided by grateful corporations over the last half century.

There is NO overwhelming scientific validation of the idea that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease. In fact, there are more scientific studies with "inconclusive" results (they ddn't reach the desired conclusion) as well as "paradoxes" (uncomfortable facts that just won't conform to the theory).

A recent article that is far more informative that the above regurgitation of stale 1950s dogma can be found at

The low-fat brigade are trying to wallpaper over the truth, but the cracks in theory are becoming far too big to hide, with the obesity and other health disasters brought about by denying healthy saturated fat that sustained humanity for millenia, and turning to highly processed (and cheap, and $$$profitable$$$) carbohydrates instead.