Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Super Fast Weight Loss - Lose Weight Without Hunger

Super Fast Weight Loss - Lose Weight Without Hunger by Jim Keayes

You know the problem with most diets and weight loss plans?
Either the food is totally bland and boring or the hunger is so intense that you just can't bear it, so you give in and fall off the wagon… again!

So how many diets have you been on and how many have you fallen off?
Probably lots… right?
Maybe you even followed through on some of them, lost a bunch of weight but then felt safe to return to your old eating patterns (cause they're so much fun) and then slowly but surely… back came the weight.

Why do you think that is?
Why is it that after we finish a weight loss drive we almost always end up back in the same old rut… over-eating and packing on the weight.

I've watched friends of mine blow off 100 pounds or more, one of them fast and the other over the course of about 2 ½ years.
Guess what?
They've both packed that weight back on again… one of them even more that the hundred pounds that was lost.

Can you imagine how disheartening that must be? I haven't asked because I don't want to embarrass them, but I can imagine.You know what? These aren't bad people. These aren't people who suddenly one day said: "I think I'll get fat today". No! It happened gradually. And when they lost the weight it was a real effort of discipline to stay on the plan.And after they lost that 100 pounds they felt safe and powerful… as though they had licked the problem.But they hadn't licked it at all. It was still lurking just around the corner waiting to pounce.It's called carbohydrate addiction… and once you get it you don't get over it for many years. It's very patient waiting for a moment of weakness to strike and set you back on that old negative binging treadmill again.But don't give up hope just yet… there is a way!You got the carbohydrate addiction because you have been eating the North American Fast Food diet, rich in processed carbs and sugar and pop. This diet continually spikes your blood sugar, multiple times a day for years, and eventually your system can no longer absorb the blood sugar into your muscles, so it lays it down as fat.As long as you're eating those high GI carbs you don't have a chance. But if you can stop for as little as 5 days you can have this thing licked.

If you can overcome the carbohydrate cravings then you can lose weight permanently… and if you go on a program that avoids those high GI foods you won't fall back into the bingeing trap.

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